Why Teach?

A career in teaching

Teaching is a career with unlimited opportunity – challenging undoubtedly, but also highly rewarding. Teaching requires a passion for the subject you teach and a commitment to the success and well-being of every student under your care – values that lie at the heart of HMC independent schools.

Teachers who train in an HMC school enjoy a liberated and innovative environment designed to deliver a truly enriching educational experience – as demonstrated by frequently outstanding examination results. HMC schools are committed to continuous professional development for staff, giving individuals the tools, skills and experience they need to build a successful career.

Starting your career in an HMC school

HMC independent schools are individual and distinctive; they are committed to educational excellence, offer low staff to pupil ratios, maintain a strong emphasis on pastoral care, and offer students a range of exceptional co-curricular opportunities.

By starting a teaching career in an HMC school, individuals can develop the skills they need in a high-quality and stimulating educational environment, and can use their hobbies and interests to help enrich the co-curricular programme. As a result, trainee teachers become part of the school community right from the start.

After training

Upon your successful completion of training, the school in which you train is likely to wish to offer continuation of employment as a member of full or part-time teaching staff. Alternatively, you may wish to find your next post at another HMC school, in the UK or abroad, or, having developed a suite of essential skills, you may choose to continue your teaching journey within a state sector academy.

“The smaller class sizes in HMC schools allow for a more individual approach to teaching and for greater contributions from all pupils. Additionally, behaviour and expectations of pupils are higher so more time can be spent on teaching and learning. The support network I had whilst training in the school was first class. Entering the profession slightly later, it allowed me to become qualified without having to going back to university. Through curricular and extra-curricular commitments I have developed a strong rapport with the pupils and seeing them progress and improve is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job.”

Nikki Laybourne, Physical Education teacher at Leicester Grammar School

“At Kingswood, we take a holistic approach to the support we give our trainee teachers.  They are closely supported in the planning, delivery and assessment of their subject.  Attached to a House, they are guided in their pastoral role and are given plenty of opportunities to be involved in whole school activities.  With all of these experiences available, it is common for them to make excellent progress and be promoted to a position of responsibility within a relatively short period.”

Sarah Dawson, Deputy Head Academic, Kingswood School, Bath